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Boost your dog’s mood this winter!

Dogs get restless in the winter months, just like people; especially if they aren’t a fan of the cold. There are a few ways to keep them entertained and happy through the grey CNY winter. When in doubt, get creative! Note: Please be aware of whether these suggestions are appropriate for your pet. Each pet is different.

Keep Fido’s brain active.

Here are some ways to give your dog a mental work-out.

• Teach a new trick. Keep your dog engaged in the learning process with praise and treats.

• Solve a puzzle. DIY a puzzle toy by dropping some kibble into a muffin tin and coving it up with tennis balls. Fido will have fun trying to find the treats underneath.

• Rotate the available toys. Playing with the same toys gets boring – no matter how many there are. Put the toys on rotation so your dog forgets about some for a few months. When you bring them back out to play the toys will seem new again.

Get moving

Take a walk, a hike or run with your dog! Make sure that the route is safe and it’s not too cold to be outdoors. Another idea is to bring Fido to one of the many local stores that allow pets. Keep in mind that being active doesn’t have to mean going out –stay inside, get on the floor and play with your pup. Regular quality play time will help you build a better relationship with your dog.

Explore new places

Most dogs love to explore new places. A detour from your normal routine will break the monotony and heighten their senses of sight and smell. Allow them to stop and sniff at their leisure – it is great mental stimulation! Not to mention, exploring new places together will help socialize your dog with new humans and animals.

Take them for a social visit

Dogs love seeing their friends too! Call up a friend who has a pup and set up a doggie play date. If your friends don’t have furry companions, visiting a doggy day care will give them a chance to make new friends. Keep in mind that there are many considerations before bringing your pet to a doggie daycare.

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