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Kitty Hit by Car Healing and Home

This is Jack Henry.  He was brought to us on August 25th.  The poor guy had been hit by a car.  As numerous cars drove right past him there was hope.  “John” was in Rome running errands and acting as a good samaritan he stopped to check on Jack Henry.  He wasn’t sure what to do with him but Jack Henry was going to have a chance if he had his way.  John brought him to The Humane Society of Rome where our staff sprang into action.  We took him in even though we weren’t open yet.  While one staff member made sure he was comfortable another called CNY to see if we could get him right in.  We rushed him straight over to CNY where they took good care of him.

Jack Henry had multiple contusions and fluid in his lungs.  He stayed in an oxygen tent for several days.  He had multiple x-rays done and it was discovered his lower jaw was broken.  On Monday August 30th his lower jaw was wired together.  By this point in time we were sure he had a special place here and deserved the best treatment.  Bound and determined to make sure he was okay I asked CNY to get me pictures.  They sent pictures over so we could post on FB and do a fundraiser for his medical bills.

In the meantime, though his owner Diane had posted on Lost and Found Pets in Rome NY and Surrounding Areas.  One of the CNY staff found Diane’s post and we reached out to her.  Diane went out to CNY and “Yes” it was her cat Jack Henry.   Diane informed us that she adopted Jack Henry from HALO just a few months ago.  She tried to keep him inside but he had his own plans.  He is known around the area by the neighbors because he is just so darn friendly.  Kids from the neighborhood call out to him each day to say “good morning.”  He is a special boy!

Jack Henry is now home again safe and sound.  And while he is mending hopefully he will have learned his lesson and will stay inside.

Thanks to the quick action of our good samaritan John and the staff here at the shelter Jack still has a bright future ahead of him.  And Diane has her best companion home with her.


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