Volunteer Opportunities

You can help pets in need as a volunteer at the Humane Society of Rome! As a volunteer, you become part of a team committed to providing loving, quality care to pets in need, while also making the community a better place for our pets and their people. Together, we can make a big difference for the animals!

Shelter Helpers – This is a great opportunity to help care for the animals and learn how a shelter runs.

Pet Therapy – Bring an adoptable shelter pet to local nursing homes for scheduled visitations with the residents.

Foster Parent – Take an animal into your home temporarily and provide it with the care and TLC they need.

PetSmart – Care for our cats and cages at our off-site adoption location in Consumer Square,  New Hartford.

Community Education – Work with local groups and the public regarding  important animal issues.

Off Site Adoptions – In order to save more lives, the HSR partners with many other organizations and businesses so that we can reach even more people interested in adopting.  These locations allow us to bring our pets closer to adopters throughout the region.

Maintenance – Help with general maintenance items around the shelter.

Fundraising and Special Events – Help raise funds for our present shelter and work with us to build our new shelter!  Help plan, organize or work one of our events such as the PAWS on the GREEN, Pause for a Cause, Pictures with Santa and many more.

If you are interested in getting involved, please fill out the volunteer form below.  Volunteers under 16 need to get their parent’s or guardian’s permission and *must* be accompanied by an adult.

Have an idea?  We welcome all suggestions/ideas.


Humane Society of Rome Volunteer Application

You can help pets in need as a volunteer at the Humane Society of Rome! As a volunteer, you become part of a team committed to providing loving, quality care to pets waiting for their forever home.

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The Humane Society of Rome is released from all liability for any injury or damage to person and/or property which may occur. The HSR is not a veterinary hospital and cannot guarantee the temperament, disposition, behavior, or health of the animals. Therefore, there is potential for minor injuries and exposure to zoonotic diseases. Volunteers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. This is a volunteer position and there will be no compensation for the services provided. All volunteers are required to attend a one time volunteer meeting and sign a volunteer agreement prior to any volunteer hours scheduled. By signing below you agree that you have read and understood the above information.


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