What do you do if you find a stray dog?

If you have found a stray dog, please contact the Dog Control Officer listed for your area or the local Police. The Humane Society of Rome cannot go out into the community to pick-up stray animals.


City Officer Phone Number
Annsville Ed Cutler Jr. 281-4652
Augusta Harold Barriger 829-4289
Ava Jennifer Badaracco 942-5492
Barneveld Bob Jones 732-8744
Boonville Craig Jenks 942-5887
Bridgewater Lovenia Chaffe 822-6921
Camden John Boncella 245-3866
Deefield James Griffiths 939-0415
Florence John Boncella 245-3866
Floyd JR Alexander 865-4256 or 335-7161
Forestport Charlene Sege 392-6379
Kirkland NH Police 733-6666
Lee Ann Marie Dolan 709-2378
Marcy James Griffiths 724-4555 or 939-0415
Marshall Judith Quesnelle 737-7707
New Hartford NH Police 733-6666
Oneida Scott Grinell 363-4800
Oneida Indian Nation Sue Gardinier 363-0014
Oriskany Falls Harold Barriger 829-4289
Paris Gordon Chaffee 822-6921
Remsen Pat Scofield 826-7629
Rome Kim Vaughn 337-6260
Sangerfield Terry Seminaro 737-7707
Steuben Ed Kurch 525-4696
Sylvan Beach Clayton Conover III 245-0787
Trenton Bob Jones 732-8744
Utica Chris Collver 735-3301
Vernon Karen Nixon 853-8583
Verona Sue Gardinier 363-0014
Vienna Clayton Conover III 245-0787
Waterville Town of Sangerfield or Marshall
Western Mark Wooten 335-3555
Westmoreland Sue Gardinier 363-0014
Whitestown Russel Jones 737-7707
Williamstown Dale Wheeler 964-2831