A true Success Story- FATE

His Legacy will be Joy and Love.  May 2014 was a wonderful Spring. Junior Prom excitement and my oldest son coming home after a semester from Studying Abroad from college. It was also the time we adopted Brett from the Rome Humane Society. We arrived at the shelter determined to find the best fit for us. We settled into the visit room. First, we were brought an overzealous kitten that was so excited he scratched hard accidentally making me bleed. I asked the attendant to bring me another choice, perhaps a little calmer. She brought me a beautiful female cat but we could not get her to engage with us or play.  I asked if there might be a cat in between these two personalities.   And in came Brett who would  change all our lives and teach us how wonderful a cat can be.He was a 2 year old stray looking for a forever home. This Polydactyl black and white cat almost immediately crawled up in my son’s lap and purred.  Then he got up and he went to gently play and we knew he was the right fit for us.  We came back the second day to make sure and adopted him.    We renamed him Duncan (keeping his middle name as Brett) and he immediately felt at home and within hours he was fine with his dog sister Lucy and content. He had a million nick names but most of all DD! He would love to carry balls around and drop them into shoes, make his track ball speed and his most beloved pastime  “outside time”.  I would cringe watching cats cross the road, so I vowed I would protect him forever.  Since he had already been in a cage for a few months before we took him home we instituted  “cage time” and he would sit out in the large dog cage for hours and enjoy watching the birds, squirrels and chipmunks.  He looked like he was hunting and if i yelled “Duncan want to go outside?” he would run to the door.  It was his favorite.  I did try leash walking early on, but he was afraid and got spooked.

Everyone loved this beautiful boy…he loved people and daily threw himself onto his back begging for belly rubs.  He would ambush the dog Lucy and playfully whap her and run. Hours of smacking balls under the stove only to see the yardstick come out to lay with me to see how many treasures emerged from underneath. He always was talking to us and demanding food or outside time. No matter what we were eating he wanted to smell, then walked away satisfied only to sniff. I think the thing I instantly fell in love with was those HUGE paws…..all seven toes on each front paw were insanely soft and felt like the softest of pussy willows. He folded his extra toes over and I loved to hold them. Our home was filled with even more love and laughter at his never ending silly antics.

August of 2016 I had a strong urge to try to get him out on a leash. For whatever reason, I wanted him to feel the grass under those glorious toes and chase a butterfly–I knew he had the joy of all this love but I wanted him to have even more.  He got used to the leash and learned to love it, seemingly ignoring his safety tether and indeed chased butterflies, moths and stalked chipmunks from the grass. Those four weeks were the best feeling–seeing his joy and knowing that for two years he was spoiled, loved and now hunting and exploring (safely) like all cats love.

In the early hours of September 4, 2016 we knew something was terribly wrong he could not walk dragging his back legs. He had just been to the Vet and he was perfect.  It was a Sunday, so the only place to possibly help was the Emergency vet hospital in Syracuse. He suffered from (F.A.T.E) Feline Aortic ThromboEmbolism and he was critical and he had to make the harrowing decision to put him to rest. This condition is not detectable on a physical exam and often leaves a grim prognosis.   It was one the worst days of my life and the pain was awful and to see my family also so extremely heartbroken was so horrible. Weeks of anxiety and tears followed by the love and support of my husband and boys.  I realized I had to relive the joy and not that awful awful day.  Each time a tear fell, I forced myself to think of happier times.  I would not let his legacy be loss but LOVE.  We made the difference in his life and visa versa.  Whether is it 2 years or 15 years you are blessed with a pet -you make a difference. Adopt, don’t shop. We have since adopted a new addition to our family also from the Rome Humane Society. His name is Bram. He was named by the Rome Humane society staff as this sweet little kitten was found around Halloween time. Each time we adopted,  I credit the staff and volunteers of the RHS for making sure it is the right fit and giving us the time we need to make this all important decision.  It is because of Duncan Brett that I knew I had to make a difference in another animal’s life.  That was his legacy. My husband said to me “I wonder if it was God’s plan to take him early and somehow we were picked to give him the best life possible?”  Although I still miss him terribly I think about him every day.

Some people say  that F.A.T.E. took him away but in my heart I know that fate is why I loved him. Please make a difference in an animal’s life. Kim T



“8 years ago today we adopted this beautiful girl Polly from the Humane Society of Rome. We are proud to say she’s happy and healthy (and spoiled beyond belief). Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers at your shelter!” – Nancy









Matrix is doing swimmingly (pardon the pun) in his new home.








“Today we celebrate Tanner’s (aka Duke) adoption from the Humane Society of Rome on August 20, 2009 when he rescued us~We unexpectedly lost our Hunter and Tanner has brought nothing but joy into our lives since he became our furry son~Thank you so very much!”






Madonna Fan Club Members, here’s an update that will make you smile!

“Madonna is loving her life…crazy that she was passed up for so long!”









We love seeing our alumni (especially the “bully” breeds) living happily with other pets!

“Update on Abby! She’s doing great! She loves playing with Oliver my Chiweenie and Riley our German Shepard! She also likes playing with our two cats Cash and Cole! She makes our fur family whole.”






tallulahA purr-fect proposal!

“This is Tallulah. My daughter adopted her as a little kitten last fall. Tallulah helped her ‘dad’ ask her ‘mom’ to marry him! She is a very loved and spoiled kitty.”







Marmalade found the best seat in the house. If your windowsills are lonely…we can help!

“We are so happy with Marmalade. She is such a love bug. Thank you again.” – Heather





Betsy the Boxer

betsy the boxerBetsy the Boxer (now Athena) loves her new home & Mr. Elephant, her favorite toy.









Boyd looks quite peaceful in his new home. Have a dreamy life, sweet boy!






miloIt’s great to see the marvelous Milo enjoying his new home! Isn’t he a handsome boy?









Happy Adoption Anniversary, Lily!

“We are celebrating 3 years with Lily today (formerly known as Skylar). Of course her brother has to photo bomb as usual, doberman butt lol. Thank you Humane Society of Rome for ALL YOU DO!! Our Lily bug has been a blessing to our family.” – Christinelily


Craig We are so pleased to share this wonderful update on Craig! You may remember the handsome 11 year old Beagle underwent surgery in May to remove cysts on his eyes & a growth on his foreleg. His mom writes:

I am writing to give an update on Buddy aka “Craig”! He is loving his new home (he loves snoozing on the couch!) and has already made progress with his weight loss with daily walks. It is now US trying to keep up with him–he even enjoys bursts of running here and there! He has brought so much love and laughter into our lives, and we are so thankful we took a chance on this little man!

Hayley, Buddy’s Mom 🙂



“Eli was happy to see his new little brother Clawdius (renamed Tony). They are already playing and cuddling together!” – Destiny tony the cat


gemmaLittle Miss Gemma has a new big brother! Love these awesome adoption updates!

“Hello! I love sending you guys updates I adopted miss Gemma from you guys in April 2015 she’s such a smart healthy pup! She will be two in September and she now has a brother that we added to the family that she absolutely loves!” – Kayla








MickiThis HSR alum is living a golden life!

“Bella-Noka (formerly Micki) is doing great! She settled in amazingly and already all the animals adore her & she adores them! There couldn’t have been a better fit for our family. Here she is enjoying her daily walk with her fur-sister.” – Carly








myaHappy 10th Adoption Anniversary to Mya & her family!

“This is Mya. Our Bernese Mountain Dog mix we adopted as a puppy from HSR in 2006. We couldn’t have asked for a more gentle, protective and loyal dog. Her Siberian Husky brother keeps her young and she lives a great life full of exercise, treats and regular groomings by Deb’s Dog D-Tails. Just wanted to say thank you for making our family complete.” – Brian







bo Jangles

BJWho’s that bundled up Boxer on a boat? It’s HSR alum, Bo Jangles! We love following his adventures on Instagram. Follow him, on Instagram @bojanglestheboxer









coal“Coal’s first hike up a mountain was completed today while sporting his new patriotic bandana!” – Nick








bellaWe’re overjoyed to share this precious photo of newly adopted Bella (now named Stella) with her favorite little girl, Bridgette. After spending 7 long months in the shelter, the sweet black lab mix joined the Allen family. Thank you, Bridgette & family for giving Stella the home of her dreams!










“I adopted Squeaks a few weeks ago and I just wanted to update you guys: She is doing great! She loves playing with my 7 month old puppy and they have become squeaksthe best of friends. She is very affectionate and sleeps with me every night. I go to sleep and wake up hearing her purr and it’s the best feeling in the world. She has her first check up at the vet tomorrow, but so far she eats good. Actually she’s a pig. Every time I eat she comes running immediately to beg. Oh, and her name is Zola now. Hope all is well!” -Taylor






annieHSR alum Annie reminds us that age is JUST a number. Emilie shares this update:

I was blessed with this dear lady 16 years ago from Rome Humane Society!! Her name there was “Angel”. She’s still a mouser!!








roscoe 2 roscoe

Remember Roscoe, the Redbone Coonhound who waited 6 months for a loving home? His awesome mom Kylee sent us this update:

Roscoe swimming in the lake! (Where there are LOTS of pets rocks for him to play with!) and he has an awesome girlfriend! My dad adopted a black lab (Maggie) from Stevens Swan and they love to play together!



tahtiWe LOVE this adoption update so much!

My name is John and in the coming weeks it will officially be 1 year since I adopted Tahiti! I chose to adopt following a very rough end to my junior year at the University at Albany and Tahiti has been a blessing. I recently graduated with my bachelors degree in US history and look forward to the future and, of course Tahiti will be by my side through it all.

Over the past year, Tahiti has changed. While he was a very lovable cat the moment he stepped foot in my home, his first few months were challenging. In adjusting to a new environment, he destroyed hundreds of dollars of electronics, blinds, etc. But he eventually grew out of his anxiety and has adjusted well. Though, he is still very, VERY vocal and loves to play (I have the scars to prove it!). Despite putting on some weight (he and I both), he is still as active as ever running from one end of the house to other and waking me up in the morning for his breakfast. He spends his days following me everywhere I go, watching the world outside and being adorable. When I return home from work he will not eat his food or treats until he can spend a few minutes licking my face and giving me hugs!  I hope you guys remember him! 



murphy“This is Murphy! We adopted him from HSR in December 2014. At the time his name was Winter. He loves his new home and his Siberian Husky sister named Maya. Murphy is such an amazing dog! He’s very well behaved and loved everyone! We are so lucky to have him! Thank you!” – Nicole








We’re so grateful for adopters like Shannon!sylvanna

“We recently adopted Sylvannas who we have since then renamed to Roary, and since she was born on the 4th of July we got her a flag bandana she has been the BEST addition to our family and we are so thankful for the Humane Society of Rome for taking such good care of her!” – Shannon





TerriHappy Tail Update!

“Terri (black & white) was adopted last October from HSR and now she has a brother Rufus who was adopted a few months ago from Kindred Spirits. They are getting along quite well together!” – Sarah





Herbie & Caesar

h and cWe alumni photos like this one of Herbie & Caesar. The tired twosome were adopted separately through HSR but mom Sue tells us they’ve always been the best of friends.








Cider is the apple of his mama’s eye…

My name is Cassandra and I adopted your Murry in August last year. I just wanted to say that he’s brought so much joy and love into our home and I couldn’t picture cidercoming home without him greeting me at the door. We named him Cider because of his coloring and his spunky personality. I just wanted to thank the Humane Society for all that you do there and the love that you give to all the animals. Cider is truly one of a kind and we love him dearly.

Thank you,





yolandaKitty By The Sea! Three years ago, Dini (formerly known as Yolanda) was adopted from our PetSmart Adoption Center by the Kiliany family of Hoboken, NJ. Now, the lucky kitty & her family are relocating to sunny Florida! Here’s Dini enjoying her very first ocean view while en route to her new home.










“This is Bailey. He was adopted almost 2 years ago by my son and his fiancé. He has found his fur ever home and eternal love.” – Patbailey

Sweet dreams, Bailey!






Teddy Bear

teddy bear“This is my boy Teddybear. I adopted him from Humane Society of Rome ten years ago. He’s the best dog!” – Shar








Tigger and Prince

HSR alumni, Tigger & Prince know that TV time means cuddling on their dad’s lap. Adopting a bonded pair is always twice as nice. t & P








Baby Girl

baby girl“This is our baby girl Friendly (aka baby girl) that we adopted a little over 12 years ago. She is going to be 13 this July!! We just love our baby girl!” – Becky






My family adopted me from the humane society last week and I love my new home, especially my big brother Luther. He lets me hang out in his bed with him. My new atlasparents are cool too, they volunteer their time at HSR photographing cuties like me. I am a very lucky and proud shelter puppy.”






King James

king jamesWe love seeing photos of our alumni bonding with kids. Here’s newly adopted King Jaymes with his fave buddy.








“Hey friends at the Humane Society of Rome I wanted to share my favorite picture of Slippers, with his sister Dazey. They really enjoy sleeping next to each other slippers.”
– Joseph







kion“What’s a Monday?” – Kion

Newly adopted Kion (formerly known as Tony) is living the dream.








 HSR alum Tosha recently celebrated her first birthday. Her family prepared a special dinner including doggie ice cream for the big day. Happy Birthday, pretty girl!








blaze“I think it is safe to say that our boy Blaze has settled in nicely in his new home. This is how he fell asleep his first night here. We are so happy to have him, he is a great addition to our family.” – Crystal








Saturday night + warm fire = happy cat! HSR alum, Meeshameesha
is loving life.







bianca“I just wanted to say a huge Thank you for letting us adopt Bianca yesterday. She is absolutely beautiful. She slept in bed with me last night. I already love her to pieces.”







Mr. Walter Fredrickson

Mr. Walter Fredrickson is adored by his proud mom, Markie. She writes: I adopted my “old man” on June 30th and just wanted to let you know how great he’s doing! He MWFgot a hair cut for summer time and it’s growing in beautifully. And he has even gained 1 pound and 5 ounces! His favorite thing to do is snuggle, every night and every morning he is curled up over my shoulder holding me tight. He has brought me so much happiness these past six months! Thank you for letting me take this little love bug home!








froggerLittle Frogger grew up to be a real Prince Charming! His mom Sandra reports…

This guy was named “Frogger” by the employees of the Humane Society of Rome. We adopted him in 2010. He was 7 weeks old and 5 lbs. He’s Dusty now and weighs 92 lbs and couldn’t be more loved. He’s a good boy!








Benny and Peanut

Happy One Year Adoption Anniversary to Benny & Peanut! Aren’t they precious.b and p


HSR alum, Sophie looks like she’s in a Norman Rockwell painting. Every pet deserves a warm home especially during these harsh winter months.sophie